Statement ceiling lights: A touch of the unexpected #lightsup

Statement ceiling lights: A touch of the unexpected #lightsup

Light as a necessity, light as fascination, light as a beauty; throughout centuries lighting keeps on evolving, combining function and aesthetics.  From the times of burning animal fat to candles, from gas lighting to electricity, its history goes further back than we think. Always improving safety and making the designs more and more aesthetically pleasing.

The 18th century style chandelier is a perfect example of sheer beauty and real craftmanship: Glass, crystals, engravings, gold and more gold! A touch of elegance, even opulence one might say. But so worth it. What you call a statement light!

For me, it is not only the technology being perfected that’s of interest, but also how gradually lighting moved up. From floor then walls, to ceiling.  And when I think about the ceiling, I think about it as a fifth wall and use it to add an additional layer of interest with a statement light. And whether you go for modern with clean lines fittings or classic 18th century style, give your ceiling a chance to be the talk of the party!

So, where do you begin when choosing your dream ceiling light? Always start with the space and its use. A statement light in the lounge or dining room will draw the eyes up – making your room seem more spacious and providing another point of visual interest.


We love to style our Vauxhall pendant in clusters over a kitchen island for the perfect task lighting. A striking hand made pendant which comes in an antiqued brass finish.



In a bedroom, hanging shades will cast a more ambient and relaxing light.


 Or you could introduce some flair with a clever use of a pendant light by one side of the bed with a comforting glow. Here comes the Sun…



Never underestimate the importance of the hallway. The first thing your visitors will see. Lighting will set the tone for what’s to come inside.