To start designing you shade, find one of our Create your Shade products on our website. You can find them on the section dedicated in the Lighting category. Otherwise, type Create your Shade on our search bar and choose the shape you are most interested in.



The products are divided by shape: Empire Shade   Drum Shade Coolie Shade   , Rectangular Shade   , Square Shade   and Chandelier Shade 

Once you have selected the shape you like the most, the following product page will appear (see picture below). By clicking onto “Create your shade” you will be ready to start designing your own shade!



You will then see the 3D image, that you can zoom in and out and move. On the right is your menu bar: 


To design your shade you will got through 4 main steps, where you can choose your type of shade , size , fabric  and lining , and an extra step for the choice of trimming  in the Empire and Drum Shade only. For each choice made, you will be able to see the price in the white bar underneath.


 Choose between a Lampshade or a Hanging Shade


To proceed with the next step, you will have to click on the number in the menu. Each of the steps is under one number and by clicking on them it will allow you to go back and forward in order to edit any decisions made. 




Next you can select the size. To check the right measurements of each of the sizes available, click on the informative icon. You will be able to see the measurements of the bottom, the top diameter and the height of each shade in cm.



Pick your favourite fabric. In the menu you will have an icon for each of the fabrics available, once selected the name of the fabric will appear above (see picture below).



By clicking on the name of the fabric, you will see the colour choices available along with a description. Once selected, it will appear on the 3D model. 


Attention: this step is mandatory for fabrics with only one colourway too (see example below).




The next step is Lining. Choose from White, Clear or Gold. 

Happy with your creation? Click “add to cart” or edit until you will find the perfect shade! 



If you have selected an Empire or a Drum Shade you will have the choice to add a  beautiful velvet trimming. You can select from one of the 14 colourways available. As previously, your 3D model will change allowing you to see the final result of your design.

If you are happy with your shade, add it to the cart.

Attention: if you see a similar message below you might have missed a step. Click on each number and double check.


You will be able to see your choices listed and small 3D model in your cart. If you would like to change anything, click on the buttom “Edit”.


We hope this tutorial has been helpful for you, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you will have any problems or enquiries. Our team is happy to help with anything at all.