Classical inspiration: an interior with refined discreet luxury

Classical inspiration: an interior with refined discreet luxury

A style that can be traced back to the 17th century when the Roman and Greek design influences were largely embraced in Europe, mainly in France and England.

A blend of influences that never goes out of fashion. Seen as timeless, it creates a welcoming and soothing atmosphere, as well as evoking elegance and refinement.

 The trick is to introduce classical touches to your interior without being ostentatious. It may be a Greek pattern, acanthus leaves, or classical ornaments. 

 Photo by Houlès - The Michael Aiduss Collection.
Discreet is to be remembered when mixing classical and contemporary together. Add a touch of antiquity using trimmings for example will undoubtably give your interior a pinch of sophistication. It’s always these rich details that will show off your impeccable style.

The colour palette can be light and soft with the use of neutrals, delicate shades of blues and pinks, some earthy tones, and bolder colours in small doses to add warmth. Why not a mural? Think of it as a show-stopping artwork that will spark many conversations. A wall mural brings art and personality to a room.

A spot of gold is also recommended. Maybe using gilded picture frames and mirrors, and a magnificent chandelier if the architecture of room allows it.