Cushions are your home’s jewellery!

Cushions are your home’s jewellery!

Cushions are one of the simplest ways to give your room a new look. They bring colour and joy and go a long way in adding the right amount of sophistication.
Don’t be shy of mixing different patterns and textures or combining different styles and sizes as they will create the most eye-catching finishing touches. Get your sofa all dressed up and don’t forget the bedrooms too!

So here are our top tips on cushion styling.

Choose your colour palette


This is probably the most important step before any others because you want to choose colours that will bring a sense of cohesiveness.

Consider your existing décor; if your colour scheme is neutral, then you might want to inject some bold vibrant colours. Alternatively, if your room is already colourful, pick an existing colour in either some artwork or existing soft furnishing and repeat or compliment that colour in your cushions. 


Mixing patterns and textures


Combining different patterns and textures gives you the opportunity to have fun and create something that is equally visually pleasing and a tactile surprise. For maximum impact and interest, we like mixing large and smaller scale patterns - too many small-scale patterns might prove to be rather busy – and have a couple of plain coloured cushions to make a strong style statement. For inspiration, browse our handmade in-house cushion collection.

Introducing different textures will continue to add depth and interest to your room. Think embroidery, velvet, silk, linen! There are so many options you can play with depending on the look you want to achieve; from classic and formal to relaxed and cosy, and anything in between. 


How many, what size and how to best display them.

There are no rules as to how many cushions you should have but remember that you want to be able to sit on your sofa! 3 to 5 cushions on a three-seater sofa is what we tend to advise. We use a mixture of 60x60cm and 50x50cm cushions and occasionally, 60x40cm or 40x40cm. Always display the big ones at the back and small ones at the front. If you have an L shaped sofa, a 60x60cm cushion in the corner will be perfect for the look and for the extra cosiness.

Here are some examples.