Wall murals: Art and the illusion of more space

Wall murals: Art and the illusion of more space

If you think wall murals are a new 2021 trend, think again! The art of wall murals is one of the world’s oldest form of décor. As early as Palaeolithic times, humans have loved their murals. Over thousands of years, caves paintings, tapestries, frescoes, and across continents and countries, murals have been depicting people’s surroundings. The hunting scenes, the battles, the Tree of Life, the architecture, the landscapes, they display the diversity of cultures throughout history.

And if once considered to be only in the home of the super-rich, they are now more accessible than ever. You don’t need an artist in residence, you simply need a wallpaper mural!

A traditional wallpaper is a repeat of patterns whereas a wall(paper) mural is a single image that covers a determined space; top to bottom and across the width. To your exact measurements, you only buy what you need and no more. Think of it as a show-stopping artwork that will spark many conversations. A wall mural brings art and personality to a room.

I have used various type of wall murals over the years and whether they are chinoiserie, landscapes or pictorial scenes, they always connect with the architecture of the room. And whatever your taste and the story you are trying to tell, they will always make a room feel more spacious.

They can fit to your space so you can go “large” or more subtle; from an entire wall to the inside of a bookshelf or both sides of a chimney breast. A clever way of framing the architectural details of your room. And if you hesitate on the theme/design, our 3D digital images of your space will help you visualise your room before you commit.

Choose the space, choose your style and choose your colours. A tip for the other walls: Pick one colour from your mural and match the other walls with it. You will achieve a well-thought-out balanced décor. 

Wall murals bring out the best features of a room, with complete individuality, creating the illusion of more space whilst being an eye-catching fascinating work of art!