From hand drawn sketches to 3D visuals

From hand drawn sketches to 3D visuals

16 years ago, Acanthus Interiors was born. And as I cast my mind back to that time, I recall all those hand drawn sketches and small models of rooms I made. A lot of them.

It was a lengthy process and it took skills, combined with a close understanding of the client’s vision.

In a way, things haven’t changed that much in 16 years. For our interior design consultations, I go through the same process I did then, but without the hand drawn sketches (well, I still do some to help me kick start inspiration… After all, interior design is an art form). You get to see a three-dimensional visual which offers a realistic way of your interior. 3D Visual or 3D rendering as they are also called.

This is how we work. Together, we clarify a brief: we get to know you, your taste and lifestyle, and the purpose of the room.

Based on that brief, we then present you with some mood boards and this is where the fun starts – you get to explore fabrics, wallpapers, paint colours, furniture and lighting – all the elements best suited to your space.


Once you are happy with the design direction, we work on the layout – what will work best for your lifestyle and the purpose of the room.

We present you with computerised drawings and 3D visuals (3D renderings) which give you an almost photographic image of your interior and effectively communicate all aspects of the design. It's like being there!

Of course, there are always the final tweaks to complete your design journey. And once we have settled on the design elements, we take care of everything to transform your house into your dream home! Book your full design consultation and together, let’s start your very own journey.