The Designers Series: #3 - Make it personal: Your home should tell your story

The Designers Series: #3 - Make it personal: Your home should tell your story

Our Junior Designer, Giulia Piredda, is our traveller! Originally from Sardinia, and before making Scotland her home, she has lived in Sweden and Spain. From South to North and East to West, Giulia has explored many parts of Europe and whilst doing so, she has gathered fond memories of people, places, and food experiences. Her design style is very much inspired by making the connections between personal experiences and the places we live in.

“A home should reflect one’s experiences, and emotional connections are sometimes the obvious source of inspiration. I always look at ways of incorporating or adding something personal. The choice of fabrics, wallpapers, colours, textures, or even the style of a piece of furniture can tell a story. And I believe, as we have mentioned it before in our blog post The Grand Tour, that the most beautiful homes are the ones that combine elements from different periods, styles, and places. Here is my take on a study.”



Sardinia is well-known for its red coral, also known as “the red gold of Sardinia”. There could not be a better choice here than the “Corail Magique” wallpaper by Pierre Frey to remind me of home. A terracotta colour background and beautiful gold coral branches for a warm and elegant décor.



Dotted around the room, on sofas and chairs, gorgeous cushions with references to the beach of my hometown Stintino. Coral, sand, and pebbles.

A nod to my Scandi time… A neutral colour for the chair and our floor lamp Anders; simple lines, simple design. I do love minimalist Scandi inspired lighting, but this one comes in a rich gold to complement other warm tones in our colour palette.



The black bookcase is perfect to showcase your collection of curiosities amongst books and photographs. The strong colour of the bookcase will make your pieces stand out. In this one, I have displayed our seashell coin as a sign of my time in Spain. I lived in Leon part of the pilgrimage Camino (path) de Santiago de Compostela where scallop shells are the most well-known symbol associated with it.

And the Zoffany Wheatfield and Designers Guild Petra Stone tones will tie together this design beautifully.