Blue and white: The enduring appeal of a sophisticated look

Blue and white patterned wallpaper and matching soft furnishings

Together, blue and white bring an elegant timeless feel to a room, and there is no doubt that it will always be a classic pairing. It’s a versatile combination that evokes a myriad of looks. From coastal to country living, from crisp and luxurious to serene.  (Above picture: English Heritage-Designer Guilds)


 When we design a home with this colour palette in mind, we love playing with the different tones of blues and don't hesitate to mix and match patterns and materials.

The atmosphere you want to create, the orientation and the use of the room will influence the shades of blue and white you choose; from warm and serene to bold and crisp.




If you need a space to feel bigger and brighter, then let white be the dominant colour in the room. If you would like it to feel warmer and cosier, opt for rich blues and why not consider wallpaper? Here is an example of a bedroom decorated by using the same design for the wallpaper and the soft furnishings (Manuel Canovas). A very elegant choice with a romantic touch.   

If you are not up for wallpapering or painting, how about incorporating pieces of blue and white china in your decor? Originated in China in the seventh century, white and blue wares continue to form part of elegant displays to this day. Beautiful in groupings or individually, and whether you favour Chinoiserie or contemporary style, they are here to stay!
Above is an example of the Dennis Severs House china collection. Fabulous classic use of white and blue!