Kokedama - How to....

Kokedama - How to....

We’ve been having lots of fun in-store making Kokedamas from our fab faux plants and flowers. They look so lush and textural and are racing out the door! For those of you who aren’t sure, a Kokedama is a Japanese garden art form where a hanging plant - often a bonsai  - is wrapped in soil and moss. Short on space, the Japanese usually wrap them in string and suspended them, either indoors or outside.

Our top five favourite faux plants to use are our Japanese anenomes, white cyclamen, succulents, ferns and ginkgo. The contrast of the plants with a ball of our gorgeous preserved carpet moss is a perfect combination of colour and texture.

For those creative souls who fancy giving it a go here’s the - how to do it!  We’ve got all the elements you need in a kit for sale in-store and online or if you’re not the crafty type we also have some fabulous Kokedama designs ready to go!!!      

Shop our Kokedama Plant Kit now to get started! 

Or you can buy them ready made here..


First trim some oasis into a rough ball and smooth off with your hands to form your base circle.


Cutting and shaping oasis block into sphere 


Using a glue gun cover your oasis ball with carpet moss - being careful not to burn yourself!


Cover oasis ball with carpet moss


Pin natural string into the top of your ball with a florist wire and a drop of hot glue - leaving a tail.



Moss ball with string for kokedama 


Plug in your plant of choice near the top of the ball (where you have a tail of string) using some glue to secure it into the oasis.


 Flower being added to moss ball kokedama


Wrap your ball randomly with natural string and tie off with the initial tail of string at the top of the ball.


Wrap string around moss ball kokedama 


Leave a length on the string if you want to suspend your ball or alternatively trim off and place your ball in a ceramic bowl.


 Kokedama with pink anemone


 The finished article!