The Designers Series: #1- Li Patterns: For a soothing and yet dynamic home design

The Designers Series: #1- Li Patterns: For a soothing and yet dynamic home design

This is the first post in our new Designers Series – posts from our team of designers to inspire you, give you some ideas and advice. We believe that interiors must be beautiful, practical, comfortable, and fun. Our aim is for the spaces we work on to feel natural and evolved rather than “designed”. 

Our Head Designer, Rebecca Currie, incorporates Li Patterns in this “work from home” design space.

“Li [pronounced "lee"] is a traditional Chinese word that refers to the natural patterns of the universe that are continually forming and re-forming around us.” The Liology Institute

“Nature is a great source of inspiration to me. A combination of a flowing energy, and calmness, the repeated patterns that are never quite the same; and when integrated into your home, they connect you to the natural world. The small details when looked at different distances and angles give you a new picture and feeling every time. Dynamic and yet still.”



Ukiyo Wallpaper

One of our favourite papers from Nobilis; from a distance the floor to ceiling repeat takes you in the great outdoors where hills meet clouds; but come nearer and the delicate, crackle glaze pattern like lichen, pebbles, or bark start to appear. 








Legno Linen Mix 

Legno is a moire weave inspired by tree bark (or is it sand dunes?). The contrast of matte and satin textures will play with light, and the weight of this fabric ensure that it will make the perfect statement roman blind.







Pierre Frey Rug
The abstract pattern in this wool/silk mix rug is another reference to Li pattern. The dynamic movement of the pattern resembles the patterns left by rain or the movement of the tides.








Tigre Velours 

The king of all Li patterns, the patterns worn by many big cats adds a sense of fun to any room while still feeling classic and elegant. A little goes a long way...








Vintage Terracotta Oil Jar

This extra-large oil jar has deep patina and texture to add depth and warmth. A unique piece with faded markings giving away its original function









Alocasia Plant The dynamic shape and the pattern on the leaves add to the texture in a room that needs to feel calm









Chinese Elm Desk

Antique elm desk, c1900. With a bleached finish and beautiful patina showing the provenance of a unique piece, this desk is the perfect piece for working from home without feeling too corporate and allowing you to truly switch off in the evening when you clock off!






Eildon Chair

The Eildon chair is comfortable, supportive and will complement The Chinese Elm desk for a stylish workstation without compromising your living space décor. The beautifully pleated detail on the inside back is another reference to patterns found in nature.





The beautiful shades of Zoffany Half Paris Grey and Designers Guild Japanese ink will tie together your design, whilst the Lafrey lamp with a satin brass finish and a frosted, vintage style glass cylinder shape will cast a warm natural light on work without glare.