Is your home suffering from winter blues? Get some light into it

Is your home suffering from winter blues? Get some light into it

Well, in fact, you and your home need to look after each other... all year round and not just in winter. And when it comes to lighting, it is more than just about décor, ambience or overall feel of a space. Ongoing research shows that if the lighting of a space is unsuitable it will influence our mood, health and well-being.
So make sure you treat lighting as an essential ingredient when you're decorating a room. Any good interior designer will tell you that without good lighting, any other aspects of your room will be lost. No point having glorious soft furnishings, elegant furniture or a beautiful piece of art if no light is shining on them.

Here are a few of my lighting heroes which don't need to be fitted and will really enhance your home as well as accommodating the spaces' activities; reading, eating, relaxing... Table and floor lamps come in a variety of sizes and shapes and if you are on a budget or simply not ready to re-think your entire lighting, they are a great way to start your project.

Diversity and contrast are good criteria when choosing lamps. Not all lamps have to be the same in a room. The Delphi lamp is one of my favourites. It has an adjustable height and I sometimes have 2 in a room - a short and a tall - for an asymmetrical style. And paired with our linen lampshade, it adds elegance to any room.

The violet lamp is handmade for Acanthus. It had an ultra-matte, charcoal coloured wash applied to 
the sandblasted base for maximum texture. The slightly powdery nature of the finish is part of the beauty of this family of lamps and each one is unique.

In contrast, the super smart slimline Anders floor lamps has a slight industrial feel to it which gives it a modern aesthetic. I think of it as a statement piece that doesn't need to be big to create impact, A floor lamp next to an armchair will always evoke a sense of cosiness, which ever style you choose.

Our Grace Girandole lamp, the perfect solution when you can't hang a chandelier. A stunning, glamorous effect in a room. It will add grandeur whether on a side table or any other piece of furniture. A showstopper!

And remember, you and your home need to look after each other, so when choosing a lamp, make sure you choose LED bulbs - they emit the most light, while using the least amount of energy.