Face Mask Tips and Tricks

Face Mask Tips and Tricks
Since face masks were made mandatory to be worn in shops last Friday and with having made over 4,000 face masks during lockdown, we are the definitive authority on all things face mask!!
From useful tips to fun facts! We are here to advise you on how to achieve face mask realness!!
- Don’t bother with lip stick, but we recommend some glittery eye shadow looks to keep you feeling glamorous!
- Wanting to wear earphones? Put them in first and then your mask, it will hold the earphones in place!
- Don’t be offended if your friends don’t recognise you at first! It’s probably just because you’ve “glowed up”😍
- The ends of the mask have been left open to allow you to add in a filter or folded piece of paper towel for an extra layer of protection if you prefer!
- If the masks gapes around your nose try adjusting the straps, a little tighter will give you a sharper fit.
- For all who wear glasses, we advise submerging your glasses into soapy water and letting them air dry before wearing them, this creates an anti-fog layer on the lenses, or you can tuck the top of the face mask material under your glasses to hold the material down preventing them to steam up!
The Acanthus Team are now also wearing leopard print face masks during opening hours to allow you to distinguish who is a member of staff! 🐆