A curtain call!

A curtain call!

Curtains are much more than just keeping the cold out, obscuring light or giving you privacy. They are part of your home décor adding an extra layer of colour and pattern. And most importantly, they transform a house into a welcoming cosy home!  

Like many before our time, we believe curtains offer as much to the design of a room as the furniture. Back in 3000 BC in Egypt, curtains were made with animal skins; the 17th and 18th centuries saw the emergence of opulent, intricate, and more ornate styles and the use of cotton, wool, silk, and linen; the introduction of textile mass production in the 19th century made it possible for curtains to be widely used. Over time, the role of curtains evolved from being just practical to playing a key role in interior design.

We pride ourselves on providing hand-made in-house curtains and roman blinds. They combine your taste and the look you want to achieve, the architecture of your property and the room they will be fitted in. Expertly made to measure, they are one of kind!

We offer a wide range of sustainable fabrics and trimmings only from the best brands available. From joyful printed linen for your kitchen to lustrous damask and embroideries for your living room, whatever the design that suits you and your interior, the results are always stunning!                    

We take our inspiration from the colour palette and patterns your room already offers as well as pictures you have seen and liked in magazines or social media. We advise on what would work best reflecting your taste in design. Curtains to complement the style of a period house or roman blinds for a fresh and contemporary look? Including trimmings and decorative borders for an extra level of texture and elegance, we will give your window the best treatment it deserves.

During our 16-year experience of window dressing, we have tried and tested for you the best poles and fittings available, so your curtains hang perfectly.  And our technical expertise will ensure your curtains are long lasting. Book here your appointment and give your windows the treatment they deserve!