Acanthus Interiors was established in 2005 and from day one we have thrived on creating stylish homes and office spaces that are intimately connected to our clients.

Our interior design services cover multiple types of projects from residential to commercial boutique, for private & development properties. No project is too small or too big; giving a space a new lease of life with accessories or a new colour scheme; designing a room including lighting, furniture, soft furnishing; full interior design service of a home; renovations projects.

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Design and Social Distancing

Lamp with Cushion

For all projects we discuss your requirements, your space, your needs and taste, your lifestyle and your budget. And from 1 st July 2020 we offer a 15% discount on all paints, fabrics and wallpaper to celebrate our 15 th anniversary!

  • Face-to-face initial consultation takes place either via video calls or in our store by appointment (slots available between 10 and 12am or after 4pm), so the space is exclusively yours for the duration. Hygiene and social distancing guidelines will be maintained and avoiding all physical contact.
  • Where appropriate, proposals, mood boards, and all samples of fabric, wallpaper and colour will be sent to you by post and/or digitally.

Our design services allow you to start making plans for when the time comes, you are ready to make those essential changes to make your space more beautiful, functional and pleasant to be in.

Lamp with Cushion

Swatches and Shades

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