5 Brilliant Things about Tala LED lighting

5 Brilliant things about Tala Led lighting

1.Money saving - Your Tala bulb will pay for itself in 6-9 months. They burn just 10% of the energy and last on average 15 times longer than their incandescent counterparts.
2. Eco friendly - Buying a tala bulb rather than an incandescent will lower the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. One whole tonne of CO2 in it’s lifetime to be exact. 

Tala bulbs

3. Warm light - We adore the warm light that the Tala bulbs produce. It has the glow of an original Edison bulb. Great to cosy up to.

4.Tree planting - Tala plant 10 trees for every 200 bulbs sold to reduce carbon emissions. They work with reforestation programmes in the UK, US and around the world.


Trees planting



5. Edinburgh Links - This young British lighting brand was founded by friends at the University of Edinburgh with a shared passion for design, technology and sustainability.